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The Customer Focused Supply Chain: Aligning Suppliers, Networks and Operations to consistently deliver Value Chain Excellence

The changing nature of consumer and customer demand, and the ever increasing ways that this demand can be received, means that companies are being consistently required to re-think the way they deliver products and services in order to retain their market position and build customer loyalty.

This paradigm shift has meant that the added-value aspects of the supply chain has moved away from the manufacturing side of the business to also embrace the consumer facing processes, requiring companies to move from a traditional ‘push’ model, to a pull focused ‘sense and respond’ demand driven one. This creates significant challenges for those organisations that are unable to adjust their business strategy and management processes to leverage this opportunity, resulting in self-inflicted inefficiencies that eat away at corporate profitability and consumer confidence.

Developing an alignment of purpose through collaboration between internal and external partners is fundamental to enabling companies to identify and remove inefficiencies in order to create this new business model. This relies on the engagement and education of their combined talent pool in order to control and consistently improve this model and keep ahead of the competition. Those that succeed create competitive advantages that their rivals will struggle to compete against, increasing both profitability and market share.

After the successful launch of ‘ISC’ Turkey 2014, ‘ISC’ Turkey 2015 will focus on examining the challenges behind the alignment of partners and processes, and will discuss how:


  • Improving Supplier Relationship Management can improve Customer loyalty.
  • Re-shaping the rules and logic behind the Supply Chain Network can deliver significant reduction in supply chain operational costs whilst improving service.
  • Supply Chain Optimisation can provide massive improvements in Service Level agreements and Inventory reduction.
  • Aligning Supply Chain Strategy with Business Strategy can radically increase market share and achieve business growth.
  • Developing a new breed of Supply Chain Leaders, who will also be able to engage fully the CEO and all Board members, together with external partners, can leverage Supply Chain capability to radically improve the cost and service performance of the end-to-end Value Chain.




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