Beyond S&OP: From Integrated Business Planning to Integrated Business Execution.


Beyond S&OP:  From Integrated Business Planning to Integrated Business Execution.  

The case for advanced Sales and Operations Planning is clear – moving companies away from the activity of operating in a silo making disconnected goals and plans.  Finance sets revenue and profit goals with minimal validation from supply chain that the company actually has the resources, material, capacity or demand to reach these goals.  

On the operations side, manufacturing is developing plans to balance demand and supply but seldom knows if the resulting plan will meet the target volumes on which the company's revenue and profit goals are based.  Meanwhile the Sales department strives to meet Finance's revenue goals without a complete understanding of whether the business can actually deliver these amounts.  Ouch.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has therefore been developed as a process to move businesses from this situation to a more aligned planning process that engages all of the relevant stakeholders whilst ensuring the requirements of each department are understood and met.   However, little time has been spent on ensuring that the outputs of these planning sessions are actually followed through on.  So, how exactly can a company turn integrated plans into integrated management and execution?

In this session delegates will learn:

  • An overview of the IBP, IBM and IBE process
  • Why developing the right Culture is as important as developing the right Process
  • The value in top—down and cross process alignment


Onur Karaaslan - Integrated Planning Director - Yildiz Holding

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