Business Simulation: Supply Chain Management - “creating alignment in the value chain”


Business Simulation: Supply Chain Management - “creating alignment in the value chain”

Research has shown that disalignment is one of the biggest issues companies are facing today. The result is a poor execution of the strategy of the company.  And an underperforming supply chain.

Creating supply chain awareness and taking down the silos is a considerable challenge.To achieve this cultural objective, a blended learning approach is required to ensure a top down focus on supply chain management. This blended learning approach can be made by combining theory & practice and soft & hard skills in a simulated real life experience. (The Fresh Connection)

The Fresh Connection is an online business simulation tool of a virtual company manufacturing fruit juices. The game introduces the participants to a newly appointed management team of 4 people. The simulation raises concern of the poor performance of the TFC products and the overall organisation. Their collective objective is to return the company to profitability utilising various tactical and strategic decisions in the supply chain. Each VP makes the decisions from the perspective of their own discipline. Included in the simulation is the importance of defining the supply chain strategy, deciding on the strategic attributes that will ensure sustainable supply chain competitiveness and benchmark to accelerate performance.

Thus the ability to combine a strategic framework and fun driven learning process will ensure a cross-functional and multi-tiered opportunity for supply chain learning. Experience the power of alignment between departments and between partners in the supply chain yourself.


Hans Kremer- Partner - Inchainge B.V. & The Fresh Connection

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