Case Study: Design your Supply Chain Network to Deliver Customer Satisfaction!!!!


Case Study: Design your Supply Chain Network to Deliver Customer Satisfaction!!!!

Where do we position supply chain in the business, how do we determine its branches and how do we evaluate its importance for our customers?

In many Turkish companies, supply chain elements are spread around under procurement, IT, finance, marketing, sales, distribution, production and planning functions. It may seem fine that way since all those elements may have different and colliding KPIs. But it is not good enough to sustain business extension while giving unbeatable customer satisfaction on availability.

In retail, supply chain can be designed to hold the most crucial business functions as managing company stock, waste and loss, sales and promotion forecasting, store layout and planograming, procurement, store ordering, supplier management, logistics network capacity optimisation, store operations planning,  business insight and investment buys while being responsible of delivering customer satisfaction on availability and freshness. Designing supply chain to deal with all those challenges puts it right into the hearth of business.

This session will help delegates learn:

  • What are the challenges to design such a broad supply chain network?
  • Is it worth to build such a wide supply chain function and bring colliding KPIs under one hand?
  • How to decrease stock while increasing availability via central supply chain management?


Burak Gurcan - Supply Chain Ordering & Development Manager - Tesco Kipa

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