How to discuss operations related issues and investment cases to Corporate Boards in Turkey


How to discuss operations related issues and investment cases to Corporate  Boards in Turkey?

Operations related decisions mostly determine a firm’s future competitiveness, customer satisfaction and financial success. That is why these decisions become top agenda items at the Board meetings of most Western European and American firms. These operations related decisions are complex, longer-term and often need to be underpinned by quantitative analysis.

The top management and the Board members are interested in understanding the options for operational strategies, new technologies and impact on customers. This is not an easy task as it requires not only a cross-functional preparation but also influencing skills.

Kanat Emiroğlu will share his views on “how to” by using two real cases: transformation of British retail energy company where he was CEO for 6 years and of a global FMCG company based at Belgium where he worked as both Marketing Director and later as Operations Director.

Delegates will learn:

  • How to think, about alternative operating models at corporate strategy level.
  • Making a top Board agenda item and influencing corporate decisions
  • Reducing operational complexity by starting from customer needs


Kanat Emiroglu - Chairman of the Board - Global Enerji & Former CEO - British Gas Business

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