Matrix Commerce - The Digital Disruption of your Supply Chain


Matrix Commerce - The Digital Disruption of your Supply Chain

This session we will address the constantly evolving commerce landscape. When we speak of commerce it goes beyond traditional consumer retail and truly addresses the wide range of businesses where trade and exchange of goods occur on a daily basis.

During this session we will cover the latest in our research of where the commerce supply chain intersects with the consumer, whether that consumer is an individual in the B2C world, a corporation in the B2B world or even a machine. It is at these points that the digital empowerment of the consumer has swung the pendulum of power.  Both the commerce supply chain and the consumer have to be more conscious of increased responsibility both have to the process.  

It is also at these points where the potential for added friction has arisen, slowing down the process. We will address what some cutting edge solution providers are offering to address these constraints.

Delegates will learn the following from this session:


  • Identify at which points the consumer and the commerce supply chain intersect – what are the points of digital disruption?
  • Discussing the different maturity levels for specific areas of digital disruption – what do you need to consider at each point?
  • Examples of some solutions that are reducing the friction points in Matrix Commerce.


Guy Courtin – Vice President & Principal Analyst – Constellation Research

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