Sponsor Case Study: S&OP - Capable of self-learning?


Sponsor Case Study: S&OP - Capable of self-learning?

Like many retailers, English Home has different functional departments - Demand Planning, Replenishment, Allocation, Supply Budget (OTB), Country Operations, and Finance - and they have parameters, KPI's and constraints. They use the S&OP process to connect these departments and parameters to each other and move in harmony: One Company, One Target.

Sales and Operational Planning is a cross-functional process and requires specialized software to support company’s competitive position in the market. English Home wants to reach the planning nirvana, and, on our path there, the software discipline forces us to focus on defining relational operations, common parameters and common metrics, and have a common answer to the questions: What are the decisions and why do we need to take them? How do we decide? What are the relevant inputs and outputs?

Delegates will learn the followings from this session:

  • How are all operations connected to each other in process and in KPIs?
  • Why do companies need to adopt S&OP?
  • How it is possible to drive S&OP with adaptive parameters?


Gokhan Aydin - Logistics and Planning Manager - English Home

Osman Evren Sen - Customer Success Director - Solvoyo

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