Sponsor Workshop: Optimization vs Execution - What should a Supply Chain professional focus on ?


Sponsor Workshop: Optimisation vs Execution - What should a Supply Chain professional focus on ?

You can talk to your colleagues, review the current literature or refer to your own experience; you will find as many solid arguments for "plan optimization" as you would for "operational execution." In this session, I will argue that the answer is not one or the other, but an approach that closes the gap in between. The best-in-class companies focus on optimization technology that makes operational execution easier. We call it Closed-loop Operational Management:  

Delegates will learn:

  • How to create a feedback process of optimization + exection + measurement.
  • How to automate the process while retaining the human touch: exception-based planning.
  • How to incorporate real-world thinking from the planning tribe around you.
  • How to get the tribe to accept the most sophisticated smart-box.
  • How to establish KPIs that matter, measure them correctly and close the planning-execution feedback loop
  • Closed-loop Operational Management examples from leading companies around the world.


Omer Bakkalbasi - CIO - Solvoyo

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